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Release Date: 2015


100 BLOODY ACRES is the hilarious horror-comedy from the Cairnes’ Brothers. Starring Angus Samson (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Damon Herriman (Breaking Bad) 100 BLOODY ACRES is produced by Julie Ryan (Ten Canoes) and Kate Croser (Red Dog) and directed by first time directors Cameron and Colin Cairnes.

Reg and Lindsay Morgan run a struggling organic blood and bone fertiliser business. The use of dead car crash victims in their product has been a huge boon to business, but it’s been months since their last find and an important new customer is waiting on a delivery. When Reg Morgan (Damon Herriman), the junior partner in the business, comes across two guys and girl stranded on a remote country road, he sees a radical solution to their supply problems, and a way of finally gaining the respect of his bossy big brother, Lindsay (Angus Sampson). But things don’t quite go to plan when Reg starts to fall for Sophie…

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